Apr 21, 2011

Brothers & Sisters...and Hairdressers - DGJ and Matthew Rhys

Matthew Rhys and David Garland Jones - The Early Years

Guru of YouTube comedy
In a previous post we referred to guru of YouTube comedy David Garland Jones and his ongoing efforts to make it to L.A. for the West Coast Eisteddfod. In this , the second part of the series David's connection with Matthew Rhys ( star of ABC television show Brothers and Sisters ) is revealed. They used to work together as hairdressers in Treorchy, South Wales.

But how will this impact David's chances of a starring role at the forthcoming event? All will be made clear in episode 3 of 'DGJ in the USA', coming next week. Bookmark this blog to ensure that you do not miss further rip-roaring adventures in this series. See our previous post here:-

David Garland Jones - Welsh Actor Extraordinaire and Guru of YouTube Comedy

DGJ In The USA! Will He Make It To L.A.?

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