Apr 14, 2011

David Garland Jones - Welsh Actor Extraordinaire and Guru of YouTube Comedy

david garland jones welsh actor and guru of youtube comedy
Guru of YouTube comedy
David Garland Jones is set to make his US debut in L.A. later this year ( maybe ). This is a man who has stared disappointment in the face  many times, whinged, gone to the pub and always come back for more. It would be unwise, given his track record of tragi-comic failure to predict a successful outcome in this, his latest venture. Indeed it might ruin his image if the planned trip turned out to be anything less than an unmitigated disaster.

David Garland Jones is a YouTube comedy phenomenon who has amused tens of thousands in the UK ( and increasingly in the US ) with his online chronicles of rejection and despair. David , a friend of Matthew Rhys ( of 'Brothers and Sisters' fame ) hails from Port Talbot in South Wales where  they once both worked together as hairdressers. Since then Matthew Rhys's career has been on the up and up. Davids?... not so much.

We pick up the story just after David has been invited by  seedy U.S. event promoter 'Pontypool Boyo' to attend this year's West Coast Eisteddfod, a Welsh cultural event in L.A.. Their first teleconference has been preserved for posterity:-

Who can say where this will go? The producers of DGJ videos have promised us that this story will run and run. Apparently further YouTube comedy vids are in the works and Davids attempts to make the big time will be a matter of public record. We can only wish him luck. There has to be a first time for everything.

Before we close we thought we'd treat you to Davids biggest YouTube comedy success to date. For US readers it is important to remember that there has been a spate of spoof song videos in Wales recently. The trend began with Newport State of Mind an adaptation of an Alicia Keys number.

For more sensational YouTube comedy from David Garland Jones go to:-

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