Sep 6, 2010

'Aged To Perfection' at NAFOW

AmeriCymru has been invited to circulate copies of 'Aged To Perfection' at NAFOW and Wordstock by Age Cymru. Age Cymru is the largest charity working for older people in Wales and it organiszes the annual Gwanwyn Festival which offers opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts. Age Cymru describe the publication in the following terms:-

'This book is different from other books in two ways. Firstly writing can be a solitary pastime, however, this book enlisted the help of writing groups from all over Wales and the results illustrate the benefit to writers of sharing, nurture and support from their peers. We ignore the social isolation of older people at our peril.

Secondly it is intended that this book travels as far afield as possible, you will see the pass it on logo throughout the book. Please enjoy this book and pass it on to your friends so that as many people as possible can enjoy its contents. The book has its own Twitter page and we'd love you to Tweet us or email us with details of where you found it and what you thought. We'll be charting the books progress on the Gwanwyn website.'

We presented a copy to Tom Owen, President of the Welsh Society of Portland ( see pic below ). Tom said:-
'Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his Nobel address said that " literature is how a country talks to itself". What we have here is a way for an age demographic to talk to itself. Not that any of us are getting any older of course :) This is a good way to share the experience.'
Each of the books is numbered and Tom's copy is number 1023. Tom promised to pass his copy on when he has finished with it and for our part we will be sure to Tweet and blog each time we present someone with a copy of the book. Check back in the coming weeks for further reports.

In closing we should mention that if you are not lucky enought to come across a 'hard' copy of 'Aged To Perfection' all the stories in the book can be read on the Gwanwyn website here:- 'Aged To Perfection'

Diana Manzanilla of AmeriCymru presents Tom Owen with copy no. 1023 of 'Aged To Perfection'

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