Dec 3, 2009

Eisteddfod Link Appeal

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In order to ensure maximum participation and the highest possible standard of entries in next years Left Coast Eisteddfod online competitions we are appealing to all members and supporters of Americymru to consider displaying the button ( below ) on their website or blog. The url to link to is also included below. It only takes a minute to add this image and you will earn our eternal and undying gratitude:) We will also reciprocate by adding your website or blog ( assuming we haven't already ) to our 'Sites we Like' section in the left hand column of the site.

If you don't have a website please consider passing this appeal on to someone who does. Bear in mind though, that their site must have some Welsh or Celtic related content in order for us to link back.

We are also appealing to members and supporters to display he link together with some relevant information on Facebook, MySpace pages and on Yahoo Groups where appropriate.

Thanks/Diolch in anticipation.

( If the above design is the wrong size or clashes with your sites color scheme please let us know and we'll gladly supply a custom button for your site. )

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