Jun 28, 2010

Get Your Signed, Dedicated Copy of 'Tongue-Tied' Here!!

AmeriCymru is honoured, pleased, and excited to announce that author Peter Griffiths has very generously donated the proceeds of the sale of one hundred copies of his novel, Tongue Tied, to the Left Coast Eisteddfod. For each copy sold, the Eisteddfod will receive $16 and the buyer an autographed and dedicated copy of Tongue Tied. This is a wonderful way for you to support the Eisteddfod while at the same time enjoying a novel which Lise Hull describes in Ninnau as "a tale of what it means to be Welsh and which should be on everyone's reading list, whether they have been to Wales or not, whether they are Welsh or not.". (http://www.ylolfa.com/henstraeon.php?first=249)

Tongue Tied is set in the Tryweryn valley, in the shadow of Arenig Fawr, in North Wales, and in the Rhondda and around Llanelli in the South. The novel recognises the tension that has arisen at times between the majority of Welsh people who can't speak Welsh and the minority who can. It suggests, with respect to national identity, that "one is Welsh if one feels Welsh." As to style, Tongue Tied is strongly influenced by Cynghanedd, an old and very strict Welsh poetic form. As a result, the novel abounds with alliterations and poetry within prose.

Tongue Tied was published by Y Lolfa just over a year ago and is already closing in on its fourth printing.

To get your copy, please send $19.00USD (shipping is already included) to MLMEF P.O. Box 80293, Multnomah Village, 97280 * or use the PayPal 'Donate' button in the right hand column on this page. If you use the PayPal option please email us at americymru@gmail.com with your postal address. Please make checks payable to the 'Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation'. Diolch!

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