Jun 23, 2010

A New Updated Guide of Trendy Welsh Names for Children

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Y Lolfa has just released an updated version of one of its best sellers Welsh Names for Children. Last year the publishers called on members of the public to suggest new names for the book in order to ensure that it included names that weren’t featured in the original version. Y Lolfa was keen for the book to reflect the latest trends when it comes to giving Welsh names to children. The response was very enthusiastic with dozens of new and original names being suggested. Amongst the new names for boys are Eban, Manaw, Cynwyn and Eirwg, and for girls Saran, Nanw, Trofana, Eldeg and Dolgain. The new revamped volume contains all the popular traditional names.

Heini Gruffudd, the author, said, “There are approximately two thousand Welsh names in the book. Dozens of people contacted Y Lolfa following the publicity in the local newspapers and on the radio and television, and the result is a brand new collection of Welsh names which are used today”. He added, “The book includes the old names from history and folk tales, but there are also several international names which have been adapted. Here Blodeuwedd and CĂȘt, Dylan and Jac sit very happily together.”

The volume will be invaluable to expectant mothers who wish to choose a Welsh name for their child, as well as being a useful reference for those who wish to look up the names of Welsh heroes, Saints, poets and singers through the ages.

The price of Enwau Cymraeg i Blant / Welsh Names for Children which is for sale in Welsh book shops and on www.ylolfa.com is £5.95.

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