Jun 8, 2010

Environmental action poet addresses looming man-made catastrophes

Bard Time by jason a dever front cover detail
Jason A. Dever’s first collection of poetry, Bard Time, is a call to arms to tackle the woes of our planet. He suggests that unconventional and controversial means should be employed to fulfil these objectives.

Dever’s volume mixes modern and ancient environmental poetry, with science and spiritual themes added. His poetry tries to simplify complex earth systems for the reader, creating excitement and feeling which helps promote independent thought. Controversial issues are debated thoroughly. The love, romance and loss section of his poetry expresses male emotions. It has a view to promote equality between males and females, with better communication leading to a happier world for both sexes.

Born and bred in Australia, but of Welsh heritage, Dever has strong ties with Wales and as a result chose to publish his first volume of poetry in Wales. He says ‘This book should naturally be popular in Wales as it describes all the good things about the Cymry, that is the land, people and language’.

He started his career as a science teacher, but now considers himself an environmentalist with an interest in all natural realms. Bard Time will be published by Dinas in June 2010

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