May 27, 2011

Carlos Escobar - On Stage At The West Coast Eisteddfod

carlos escobar, standup comedian, appearing at the west coast eisteddfod 2011
Carlos Escobar

This is the latest in an occasional series highlighting performers and contestants at the  September 2011 'West Coast Eisteddfod- Welsh Festival of Arts' at the Barnsdall Art Park , Los Angeles . In this post we are proud to feature standup comedian, Carlos Escobar. For more info about the event go here. To reserve your ticket for Saturday 24th click the button below :-

( Approximately 250 tickets currently available. Buy early to avoid disappointment. )

"Carlos Escobar is my name. Yes the last name is correct. Yes, I am also Colombian. No, I dont drink coffee, dance Salsa, nor supply cocaine. I hail from the home of the worl famous Indoor swapmeet in Pico Rivera California.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been artistic. I have expressed my creativity through my drawings and sketches. I fell in love with music and singing at an early age. When I reached junior high I combined drawing and comedy into my creative writing assignments. My Language Arts teacher Ms. langston would allow me to read my work in class where I would get serious laughs. I fell in love with the reactions my laughing classmates expressed. Later in Highschool I played sports and then joined Drama class. I learned to develop my comedic timing through improvisation.

I attempted stand-up at 17. Didn't do so well and promised to never do it again. I continued improv comedy and music while working in the wireless Industry for 8 years. Like a blessing from the sky I was given the greatest opportunity in life... I was fired!!! With the little employment choices, I began my stand up career."
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Korean vs Mongolian BBQ Carlos Escobar, standup comedian, appearing at the west coast eisteddfod 2011

Korean vs Mongolian BBQ Carlos Escobar(click to play the video )

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