May 21, 2011

West Coast Eisteddfod 09/24/2011 - Live Competitions - Barnsdall Art Park

barnsdall art park west coast eisteddfod 2011
Barnsdall Art Park West Coast Eisteddfod 2011

To all our members, readers and supporters. You are cordially invited to the 3rd Annual West Coast Eisteddfod - Welsh Festival of Arts at the Barnsdall Theater on Saturday September 24th. Live competitions in the following categories will be held  between 3pm and 9pm. There will be a full schedule ( see below ) of activities at Oberon's Welsh Pirate Bar ( adjacent to the theater  ) during the intermissions. There will also be live performances from Lyn Mackay, Sexbomb and Nerys Jones. We will be announcing our panel of judges for this event shortly. Precise times of  performances by individual contestants have yet to be determined and will be reflected in the schedule below once finalized.

We are still looking for three vocalists and one comedian in the L.A. area to compete in the live Eisteddfod events. If you are a poet or a short story writer you might also want to take a look at the links on this page and consider entering one of our online competitions:- Online Competitions For more info email

We will be adding more links and information about the individual contestants in the coming weeks. Bookmark this page and check back regularly.

West Coast Eisteddfod Los Angeles 2011 - Live Competitions
Vocal 3-400pmStory 4.40-5.40pmPoetry 6.20-7.20pmComedy 8-900pm

George Angelo, Jr.
Timo Standing Buffalo

John McGee
Laura Wolfe-Bosworth
Harrison Lowe
Michael D McCarty
Anthony Burcher

Tiger Moon
Daniel Morales Leon
Karina Dominguez
Janice Ann Johnson
Kalil Cohen

Jeannette Rizzi
Brian Whitaker
Christi Waldon
Carlos Escobar

Click the links above for more information about Eisteddfod performers.

Buy Tickets Here! ( Approximately 250 tickets currently available )

11 to 9pm Oberon's Welsh Pirate Bar

Open Bar

4:00pm to 4:40pm Tom Jones Live Panty Throwing Karaoke
5:40pm to 6:20pm Welsh Male National Costume Competition
7:20pm to 8pm Boat Race ( Drinking Competition )

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