Nov 11, 2008

Historical novel will inspire a new legion of young readers

The Black Legion

This is a new (and probably the first-ever) novel based on the French invasion of Pembrokeshire in 1797 to be aimed at older children and young adults. This important historical event is one of the most dramatic events in Welsh history and provides an ideal setting for this tale of adventure, treachery and teenage love.

The author William Vaughan, being a former teacher of History and English, has the experience to know what inspires the imagination of youngsters. He says: “I deliberately wrote the novel in a light, fast-paced style with the aim of transforming a brief chapter in school text-books into a vivid and gripping reality.”

The Black Legion will be an ideal introduction to the subject of the French invasion for schoolchildren. William Vaughan says he does “not accept that today’s teenagers are uninterested in Welsh history. The last invasion of Britain is an exciting period which deserves to be remembered and I trust this adventure novel will help to serve the purpose.”

The central characters in the novel are Tom, a young servant, and Megan, a Major’s daughter. They have feelings for each other but are constrained in declaring their emotions by the class divide. However, they witness the invasion together and are soon caught up in dramatic events which will change their lives forever.

The author has interwoven historical details into the action-laden plot in order to portray the period accurately. Scenes of brutality on board convict ships and rat-infested gaols are contrasted with shimmering, candlelit ballrooms and portrait-lined castles. The Black Legion will delight older children and young adults who enjoy a well-written, swashbuckling tale.

The author was born in Cardiff and studied History and English at Leicester University, obtaining BA and MA degrees. He gained a PGCE from University College, Cardiff and taught History and English in Leicestershire and at the Cathedral School, Llandaff, before becoming a writer of fiction. He has also written The Midnight Ghost, a novel for children, which was published by Gwasg y Bwthyn in 2004.

Gwasg y Bwthyn in 2004.

Teitl / Title

The Black Legion

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William Vaughan

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