Nov 28, 2009

Two Welsh-American non-profits need photos of Wales

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Hello All, I've been a member of this list for several years, so this isn't a "stranger" asking. I am on the Board of two non-profit Welsh-American organizations--the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association and the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

The WNGGA puts on the wonderful North American Festival of Wales each September, which draws people from all over, including Wales. We also bring over Welsh performers, choirs, and speakers for the 4-day event.The NAFOW has a link on Americymru from the home page.

The GPWHP has a wonderful Welsh museum and archives and also holds one of the only complete collections of Y Drych on microfilm. Y Drych is the only Welsh-American newspaper (now called Ninnau & Y Drych) and dates from the 1800s, with the earlier years written totally in Welsh. The museum offers obit look-ups and translations for a modest fee. The GWPHP also holds a terrific Welsh Heritage Weekend every other October, drawing people from all over the US and even from Wales and holds other events throughout the year.

Both of these organizations are in need of items to sell as fundraisers. Notecards (and maybe calendars)with pictures of Wales are wonderful and not generally available over here. I have made some from some of the photos I have taken on my trips to Wales, but am looking for other (and better) photographers to donate some images that we can make into notecards and Christmas cards and St. David's cards (and maybe calendars). If you have some images you'd like to donate to these 2 causes, you can email me high resolution jpegs, along with your name and copyright date,which we will include on the photo, and a short statement giving us permission to use them for the above causes. I will mail you a copy of the finished notecard(s) and the gratitude of both organizations if you send your postal address. The photos here are of Welsh Language Lessons at NAFOW 2009 and the From Wales to the Great Plains mural at the GPWH Centre in Wymore, Nebraska, and some of the GPWHP Board members in a local parade in Wymore. Thank you very much,

Mona Everett

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