Aug 11, 2011

Atlas of Nations Aspiring for Independence and Recognition

At the end of August Y Lolfa publishers will be releasing a new atlas featuring the stateless nations of Europe. In Europe there are roughly thirty stateless nations many of whom are aspiring for more autonomy – often groups of minority people who have lost or never acquired their sovereignty. This unique atlas isn’t confined to borders, but instead maps the linguistic characters of Europe’s stateless nations, as well as tracing their history, present politics and the possible changes in their futures. The book emphasises that Europe isn’t a static continent, and it should embrace its diversity with peoples in many unrecognised nations desperate for change. It appears that nations such as Scotland, Wales, Catalonia and the Basque country are following in the footsteps of Kosovo and Montenegro on the road to independence.

Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe
The original book was written in French by Breton Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez, an author who played an important part in establishing the Organization for European Minorities. He founded the website, devoted to the European stateless nations, and regularly collaborates in producing bodies of work and geographical charts on the subject.
Garmon Gruffudd of Y Lolfa said,

“As relevant for the student as for the activist, this atlas depicts the marvellous mosaic that is Europe today, and paints a picture of a future Europe of flourishing small nations: peaceful, self-supporting and lively.”

The cultural comentator SiƓn Jobbins added,

“A fascinating easy-read for all those who want to learn more about the hidden Europe and the next countires which will become independent.”

The Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe (£14.95 – Y Lolfa) will be officially released on the 24th of August 2011.

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