Apr 27, 2008

Music from Wales: The Second Wave?

Back in the heady days of the 90's Welsh music was synonymous with such names as 'The Manic Street Preachers','The Sterophonics' and 'Catatonia'. Together they made the Welsh accent 'cool'. Two of these bands are still with us and doing great things. Cerys Matthews' solo career continues to be of interest.

But are we witnessing a second wave of musical talent emerging from the land of song? Certainly 'The Hot Puppies' are poised on the brink of international stardom and the incredible Aimee Anne Duffy is already there ( see embedded video above ). Her new single 'Warwick Avenue' ( released May 26th ) can also be found on YouTube. This is the third single taken from her debut album. Previous releases include 'Rockferry' and 'Mercy'. Another band worthy of a mention in despatches is 'Radio Luxembourg' whose MySpace page can be found here. Others who have yet to succeed on quite the same scale can be found linked from our music page.

All in all Wales continues to amaze with the depth, variety and quality of musical talent that it produces.

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