May 13, 2008

Bring It Home On May 17th!

Few readers of this blog will need reminding that Cardiff City have made it to the F.A. Cup Final this year. The match will be played at Wembley on Saturday May 17th. If Cardiff succeed in defeating Portsmouth on that day it will be a truly historic occasion for the City. Cardiff's first F.A. Cup win since 1927!

Ever since Sam Hammam bought the club back in 2000 the potential has existed for a Welsh Premier Division side attracting support from the whole of the nation. Despite historic divisions between North and South and traditional football rivalries between Swansea and Cardiff it is to be hoped that every Welshman will be rooting for the Bluebirds this Saturday. The F.A. Cup is an English Cup and this is our chance to take it from them.

With the Rugby Grand Slam already in the bag it will be a great year indeed for Welsh sport if we can win the F.A. Cup as well.We include a few musical offerings for your delight and delectation. Above is the official release "Bluebirds Flying High" currently in the top 20 and below, "Do The Ayatollah"and "Men of Harlech".



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