Jul 8, 2008

An Interview With Carwyn Lloyd Edwards

Carwyn will need no introduction to most of the readers of this blog. He is the editor of the enormously popular and successful "News From Wales and the World". He is also a member of the Welsh League of Arizona. Carwyn kindly agreed to be interviewed by Americymru

1. Everybody who is anybody reads your newsletter "News from Wales and the World". How would you describe the central vision and purpose of the newsletter?

The original idea 4 years ago was to encourage people all over the world to spend just 5 minutes a week within their busy lives to catch up with what is going in Wales. Even though the newsletter has evolved during this time that basic concept still is the core idea!!

2. Do you think Wales' image is well represented in the American media? If not, what should we be doing to improve it?

I rarely see Canada represented in the US media don't talk about Wales.

They are many ways to approach this complex question. You can throw $$$$$ at the problem, something the Irish Tourist Board are happily doing at the moment. But the Welsh government has not budgeted to follow that approach (I don't believe we don't have the money to do so, their are monies available for all kinds of projects these days!). The political will isn't there yet!

I feel we don't use our Hollywood stars enough Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ioan Gruffudd and the rest ...to promote Wales. But that also costs $$$$$!!! Therefore each and single one of us can do our bit and become a Welsh ambassador in our community!

3. What would you say to those who want to make St Davids Day as big a deal here in the States as St Patricks ay is at the moment? Whats the best way of going about it?

Well all of 1.7 million registered Welsh Americans and their friends need to be more active and hands on doing their bit!!!From bumper stickers to starting Welsh groups in your area!!!They are all kinds of simple things you can do! Just be creative!!!

4. What role should the language play in any Welsh cultural revival? Should it be more emphasised or is the current emphasis about right?

You cannot separate the two! Welsh cultural revival is due to the growth in the number of Welsh speakers/learners in Wales and around the world. You cannot support Welsh cultural and be against the Welsh language. I don't expect everyone to go on and learn it but at least to be supportive towards the "Fam iaith".

5. How would you rate the welsh Parliaments performance in its first decade? How important a role do they have in preserving Wales' unique cultural identity?

Mediocre/slow/uninspiring! But looking at the bigger picture the Senedd does have one hand tied behind it's back with very little law making powers and no tax varying ability. Therefore the challenge is to obtain these powers We are in the process of building institutions in Wales I just hope all of them doesn't land in Cardiff Bay.

6. Who would get your vote for the role of Owain Glyndwr if Hollywood ever gets around to making a biopic?

You have to remember that Owain Glyndwr was a middle age man when the whole war for independence started. He had semi retired as one of the wealthiest men in North Wales. But how would Hollywood deal with the subject who knows!!I believe Brave heart captured the spirit of the story but factually had a lot creative freedom!! We have plenty of Welsh actors around these days from Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale, Mathew Rhys, Michael Sheen, Ioan Gruffudd and list goes on!

I personally hope the film if ever made would be a global hit!

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