Dec 17, 2008

The Welsh History Calendar & Famous Americans of Welsh Descent

Today is the birfhdate of William Floyd ( signatory of the American Declaration of Independence ) You can read more about him on our new Welsh History & Famous Americans of Welsh Descent site which has been transferred to a blog. This way it will be much easier to update and maintain.

There is still some work to be done on the right-hand column so its still a work in progress. In fact,.... very much so. All of the existing links have been preserved but they will gradually be replaced as we add more content to the blog. If anyone has any suggestions vis a vis navigation, presentation etc plaease append them as a comment to this blogpost. Also if anyone has suggestions for date entries that we have missed or overlooked please add them here.

Not every entry will be serious or factual. We may well decide to throw in some "spoof" entries on days that would otherwise remain blank. You should,nt have any difficulty spotting them.

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