Apr 5, 2009

Coast-2-Coast USA last post from the road - 5 April 2009 "Phil - The Final Blog."

Here we are sunny St Augustine in Florida and all just about in one piece. Its been a fantastic exeprience with all its ups and downs and one which will stay with me forever.

After Andy's spill it was great to see him up and about yesterday and able to have a beer with us. It was such a pity that he wasn't able to complete the last day with us but he's done more than enough work and cycling for this challenge. Without his desire, drive and focus we wouldn't have even been on the plane to come here. Well done Bear a good job well done, tandem to Crete from Blighty next is it?

Allso thanks have to go to the support team of Merv, Henry, Ian, Tomos, Andrew Porth and also Dyfrig and Craig who have helped us through the challenge, feeding and cleaning up after us, driving RV's and support car, humping bags, navigating and checking we're OK as well as some support cycling along the way.

Thanks also to the people how have helped us raise and have donated monies over the last 2 years to get us here and reach and exceed the $50,000 target we set for the Noahs Ark appeal.

Finally special thanks to Mandy for giving me up for 2 years in the run up to this so I could train every day and go off on weekends for long rides in the rain and wind and then go off and do fund raising gigs in the night.

Happy Pedaling and soft landings

Phil (ex long distance endurance cyclist)

Phil Jenkins

Team Cyclist

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