Aug 25, 2009

And The Winner Is.........( Short Story Competition / English Language )

A message from Lloyd Jones.....

Thank you for inviting me to judge the Americymru short story competition - I wish I hadn't agreed now because choosing a winner proved very difficult!

I'm afraid that I discounted the autobiographical stories because they didn't fit the short story criteria, but I urge the authors to carry on with their work and produce complete autobiographies beacuse their stories are interesting and well-written.

Some of the other stories I discounted because they were fragments, or tended towards the sentimental. The whole process is entirely subjective and one person's delicacy is another's poison, so please forgive me if you disagree with my choice - and for heaven's sake don't stop writing if your name isn't featured in the winning line-up: tastes vary enormously and another judge might choose a completely different line-up. That's right - it's a lottery!

I ended up with a shortlist of five, namely:

Care and Feeding of Clutter Blobs by Jennifer Brodeur
The Fortuneteller's Fate by Elizabeth Addie
A Touch of Class by Beryl Ensor-Smith
A Flurry in Time by Linda Lenehan
Coppers' Cash and Convenience by Ian Price.

I chose Care and Feeding of Clutter Blobs as the winner simply because it's the most entertaining.The Fortune-teller's Fate I picked as runner-up by a whisker from the others.Well done the lot of you - and do carry on writing!

Congratulations Jennifer..

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