Oct 1, 2009

'Twenty Thousand Saints' by Fflur Dafydd Chosen For People's Book Prize October Showcase!

Vote For Fflur Dafydd's 'Twenty Thousand Saints'

Exercise your literary judgement: vote for Fflur Dafydd's Twenty Thousand Saints! Ordinary readers have the chance to be the judges in this new UK-wide competition combining libraries, emerging writers and independent publishers in a monthly showcase of around a dozen titles in the fiction category each calendar month. Nominations for the People's Book Prize are selected competitively every month throughout the year, giving readers a two-month chance to register their vote online. Books with the highest number of votes in the three categories of children's books, fiction and non-fiction go forward to compete for the overall prize, which is awarded at a ceremony in July. Voters are offered prizes and the chance to win free tickets to the gala awards night. Prize patrons are Dame Beryl Bainbridge and broadcaster, author and Reading Champion Paul Blezard, while it is administered by Delancey Press's Tatiana Wilson and championed by TV producer-presenter Julie Hyde Mew. Vote for Twenty Thousand Saints during October and November: voting opens 1 October and closes on 30 November. Vote here: http://www.peoplesbookprize.com/

Buy "Twenty Thousand Saints" HERE.

Read our interview with Fflur Dafydd HERE .

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