Nov 9, 2009

Chris Needs - 'And There's More'

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Chris Needs – ‘I want to leave Wales because people here have been really cruel to me’

After writing about being sexually abused in the best-selling Like It Is, the most shocking revelation in And There’s More, the second volume of autobiography from Chris Needs published this week, is the amount of vitriol he has received from his fellow countrymen (and women) regarding his sexuality. The legendary entertainer, charity fundraiser and BBC Radio Wales presenter has had abuse shouted at him in the streets, received hate mail in which some have questioned whether he should be allowed to have a godson, and even death threats.

“Some people here in Wales have been really cruel to me,” he says. “I still get a lot of insults about my sexuality and this makes it much harder to hang on to the job. I love what I do in the radio studio, i.e. talking to people and, of course, the music. But is it worth it?”

Needs dreams of a new life in his beloved Spain with partner Gabe Cameron and “no expensive petrol, no income tax, no ‘chavs’ and no moaning old gits calling me a queer… and, oh, no rain! I will probably retire to Spain. But I keep clutching straws that Wales will have its day, with cheaper prices, better weather, more liberal people… I can live in hope.”

As well as his feelings towards his country, Needs speaks about bittersweet memories of his much-missed mother, why her will caused “immeasurable trouble and damage” to his family, his desperate desire to have children, and living with diabetes.

On a lighter note, he also tells of starting out in show business and working with the stars, some nightmarish trips abroad, receiving a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award from the Variety Club, meeting The X-Factor’s Rhydian, and how Gabe and godson Sam help to make his life more bearable. The stories are funny, honest and warm-hearted – much like the man himself.

And There’s More (£9.95) is published by Y Lolfa and includes extracts from Living with Chris Needs by Gabe Cameron. Chris Needs will be touring Welsh bookshops in December.

Confirmed dates:

Fri, 4th Dec (1.00-3.00) Borders Fforestfach

Tues, 8th Dec (11.30-12.30) WH Smith Neath

Wed, 16th Dec (11.30-1.30) Waterstones Carmarthen

(more dates to be revealed on his radio show)

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