Jan 26, 2010

'Sexbomb' About To Burst Over Portland - Left Coast Eisteddfod 2010

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'SexBomb' is a two-piece Tom Jones tribute band from Hanford CA, combining the musical talents of William Parry ( vocals ) and Bobby Z ( guitar, trumpet ). The band will be performing at the Left Coast Eisteddfod in Portland Oregon 2010 ( watch this space for further details ). They agreed to a world exclusive interview with Americymru which we proudly present below.

Americymru:  'Sexbomb' are about to explode on the Portland music scene in October 2010. Can you tell us a little about how the band came to be formed?

Sexbomb: True, I’m excited for Portland.  We’ve been terrorizing, uh, I mean, rocking the California music scene for months now, so a little “West Coast Tour ‘10” will be epic.  Sexbomb came together as a natural progression; an ‘evolution’ really of all my past musical forays and experiences . . . that and my other band broke up when my bass player went to jail for his second DUI.  Plus, Bobby Z (SB’s other half, and guitarist / trumpeter supreme) had just been asked to leave his church’s band, so the timing was perfect.

Americymru:  Can you explain the symbolic significance of the bands name?

Sexbomb: ‘Sexbomb’ is named after Sir Tom Jones’ 2000 hit song of the same name, from his massive “Reload” album.  We can’t really play ‘Sexbomb’ live yet (it’s disco beats don’t lend themselves well to a 2-man acoustical arrangement), but it’s a way cooler band name for us than, say, “Daughter of Darkness” or “Letter to Lucille”…. No symbolism, Bob and I are both married (not to each other).

Americymru:  Can you describe a typical 'Sexbomb' performance?

Sexbomb: I’d say that we’re the greatest band in the world by default, as we tribute/cover the greatest performer in the world; makes sense.  (But, “Surprisingly good” was the overall audience consensus at our world debut in October ’09…. We’re a 2-man acoustical/unplugged act.)  We’re fun, upbeat, disinclined to take ourselves too seriously, but always respectful of Sir Tom and the material . . . Bob and I like to rock the house, and get off stage quickly so we can go get properly pissed (Ok, ‘more’ pissed.)  Bottom line, we’re a very fun, entertaining band; what we may lack in talent and ‘classical training’ we more than make up for with enthusiasm, good humor, and a love for Sir Tom.

Americymru:  Who, besides Sir Tom, are your biggest influences?

Sexbomb: Good question.  Vocally I’d have to say Chris Cornell, Dick Haymes, and Dean Martin.  Onstage, my biggest “performance” influences are David Lee Roth, the late Robert Palmer, and Big Ernie McCracken.  Bob has a range of guitar influences, including Johnny Cash, Jimmies Hendrix and Page, Richie Blackmore, Brian May, and even some heavy metal guitarists, which has something to do with his ejectment from the church band.

Americymru:  How long have you been a Tom Jones fan?

Sexbomb: Since birth, I’m Welsh!! I first saw Sir Tom live in August of ’84 at the Paso Robles mid-state fair; that was my “Woodstock.” Blew me away.  I’ve seen him live many times since, and even shook his hand at the August 9, ’95 gig in Visalia (nearly took a savage beating after from a group of insanely jealous, panty-less housewives), and again in Vegas on April 27, ’06.  Epic.  (Bob’s been a fan since I begged him to form SB with me last year.)

Hear 'Delilah' and 'She's A Lady' performed by Sexbomb

(recommended listening level is .14% blood alcohol l!! )

Americymru:  'Sexbomb' celebrates Welsh culture with particular reference to 'Tom Jones'. Can you explain the significance of drinking in Welsh culture?

Sexbomb: Ah, wow, big question… I could more easily break down the I Ching, the Koran, or the DeNiro vs. Pacino debate…. It’s kind of at the Heart of our culture isn’t it?  (um, have I revealed too much about my own personal habits here?)

Americymru:  We have pictures of you in a kilt at a Chicago Mass transit station. Can you explain what you were doing on that occasion and were you arrested for it?

Sexbomb: Under advice of my counsel, I’m really not supposed to talk about that as litigation is still pending, and I’ll thank you to drop the subject.  I will say this, just to clarify:  I was never “arrested,” merely detained for questioning.  And that was mostly the fault of fellow Americymru member Phil Morgan (for plying me with copious amounts of Newcastle at the Wales v. USA rugby match earlier that day, where you may have seen me – a tattooed dancing Gorilla waving a Welsh flag if you watched the game—I’m told I made the ESPN2 and BBC telecasts.)  The statute of limitations for drunk in public and indecent exposure doesn’t expire for another 20 months, so, no further comment.  (ps – you’ll be subpoenaed and we’ll be setting your deposition soon to ferret out exactly  how you came in to possession of said photos.)

Americymru:  Does 'Sexbomb' have any plans to record? Is there anywhere online where people can hear the band?

Sexbomb: Yes, we’re recording now actually at American Made Studios, in Fresno, California, with our good friends Marc Kapetan and Paul “Smokin’ Joe” Turner.  When our master recordings are mixed down and ready, we’re prepared to debut them here on Americymru !!  (you’ve still got that case of Penderyn you’re sending me, right?)

Americymru:  You are rightly famed on the Americymru site for an incident involving a flight of stairs in your student years. Care to tell us a little more about that? Any chance of a demonstration at the Eisteddfod? ( we need to know for insurance purposes- Ed )

Sexbomb: My only comment is to advise others never to slide head-first down a cement stairway on a lousy 20 quid bet (particularly after 9 JR Tenant Supers).  I should have counted the damn steps… 34 steps at that blood alcohol level is ill-advised, from what I remember anyway. (Hey, did I ever get paid for that?!@?)  And will I be recreating that feat at the LCE? Oh, no, I’m much more mature now and . . . um, why?, you gonna have any JR Tenants Super there??

Americymru:  Any upcoming gigs you'd like to mention?

Sexbomb: We’re playing the Sky Line Room in Fresno, Calif. later this month, with a couple return dates tentatively in the works.  (ie, if we don’t get too drunk and stink up the initial gig.)  We’re also set to rock Joey Rubinstein’s bar mitzvah in March, and the Kings County Fair this summer.  Things are really taking off.

Americymru:  Any final message for the members and readers of Americymru?

Sexbomb: “To live for today and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool, because tomorrow is promised to no one.  You see, love is that wonderful thing that the whole wide world needs plenty of.  So, if you think for one minute you can live without, then you’re only fooling yourself.”  – ‘Without Love’ by Sir Tom Jones.  Amen.

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