Aug 8, 2010

An Interview With Mared Lenny of 'Swci Boscawen'

AmeriCymru: Can you explain to our readers what the name 'Swci Boscawen' means?

Mared: Swci means tame lamb in welsh.Something rather cutesy.Boscawen is a wild flower and also a place in Cornwall.I thought they sounded nice together and the name just stuck.

AmeriCymru: How long have you been involved in the Welsh music scene?

Mared: 14 years! I started in bands when I was 12 and kept it going amazingly! I haven't a clue how...

AmeriCymru: You have performed in he US before. Care to tell us a little about that? Do you have any plans for future visits?

New York has always been a place I go frequently to play gigs,do some filming or just visit friends.It's been great to me and I always try and go at least twice a year although I havent been for a lot longer now.The pangs are indeed coming back.

AmeriCymru: Can you tell us a little more about your new label Tarw du?

Mared: It is absolutely fabulous.Gruff Meredith who runs it has worked so hard to make it professional and slick.We're lacking good solid welsh music labels today and I really hope Tarw Du does really well.It deserves to.No longer will you have to walk into a little welsh shop and talk family gossip before you can purchase a Swci cd!

AmeriCymru: I know its an overworked question but who would you describe as your main musical influences? Who are you listening to currently?

Mared: Im a hardcore Blondie fan.And I am obsessed with pop music at the moment.But all in all,anything floats my boat.

AmeriCymru: What are some of your favorite places and must see/experience things in Wales?

Mared: West Wales is my part and I don't think you can beat it for looks.There's something maddening about Wales where you spend lots of time wanting to get the hell away from it but the moment you do the "hiraeth" kicks in and all you want is to be there! Oh and the people,I like how you can't get away with anything because you will be put in you place faster than lightning.

AmeriCymru: 'Adar y Nefoedd' is an extremely moving and powerful ballad. Can you tell us what inspired it?

Mared: It's a song about a fair few people that I have known or known of that are no longer with us.I got frustrated with people being forgotten so I wanted to try and write something that at least was a nice tribute.It came out all right I think!

AmeriCymru: Tell us about your new Super Single and how it came about

Mared: Music has been stale lately and I wanted to brighten 2010 up with some pure,unapologising pop.It's my secret bikini hit that I want people in Ibiza to go mental to!

AmeriCymru: What's next for 'Swci Boscawen'?

Mared: Recovery unfortunately.6 days ago I was diagnosed with cancer so I have to get through this particularly difficult time with some sort of dignity when all I want to do is gig and have fun!

AmeriCymru: Where can people go to download or purchase your songs?

Mared: Amazon,I tunes,etc i think! give google a little click...

AmeriCymru: Any further message for the members and readers of AmeriCymru?

Mared: Just keep the welshness up.The world is filled with us and it's pretty awesome how we get around isnt it?

Hope everyone enjoys the Portland Eisteddfod and thanks for the interview!

Diolch Ceri,


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