Dec 8, 2010

Llanidloes Cricket Club’s first forty years recorded in new book

Tracing the history of Llanidloes Cricket Club over a forty-year period, The Daffodils who play in Whites is a book full of cricketing stories about the many and varied characters who graced the scene at this small-town club. The adventures of numerous players, such as Dessie, The Loony and Squareman have been recorded for posterity for future generations.

As the authors explain, “This book will attempt to trace the development of a cricket club in a small mid Wales town, from its humble beginnings, playing on little more than a hay field into a thriving club with facilities good enough to play host to County Cricket Clubs and even test match standard players. Unlike typical cricket books, this one is very short on facts and figures – instead it is more a tribute to the many and varied characters who lived and contributed to the sporting life of the town.”

Indeed, there are very many amusing stories and anecdotes within the pages of this book, which will strike a chord with weekend-playing club cricketers up and down the land.

Byron Hughes and Lyn Meredith are both former Welsh International footballers and retired schoolmasters. Both have been ever-present playing members of Llanidloes Cricket Club for four decades.

This book is published by Y Lolfa and priced at £6.95. It was launched at Llanidloes Football Club on Friday 3 December 2010.

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