Jul 14, 2011

Bringing Welsh Folk Stories to a New Audience

welsh folk stories by meinir wyn edwards published by y lolfa, front cover

welsh folk stories by meinir wyn edwards, front cover detail
Welsh Folk Stories - Meinir Wyn Edwards
We never tire of hearing the old stories, passed down from generation to generation. And although some stories do seem a little far-fetched to us these days, it’s important that children and adults alike learn and appreciate the tales of old which entertained their forefathers.

And Wales, in particular, is a country full of myths and legends. This new collection of five famous folk stories includes: Twm SiĆ“n Cati, the legendary 16th-century highwayman who loved to play tricks; Branwen and Bendigeidfran, the giant who managed to walk across the sea from Wales to Ireland (and whose head is kept at the Tower of London, incidentally); Macsen, the young Emperor of Rome who travelled the world in search of his Welsh bride; Nel, the lady who literally lived in a lake, and married a young shepherd boy and became the mother of some very famous Welsh physicians of Myddfai and finally, Rebecca’s Daughters, a riotous band of men who travelled the land destroying tollgates by night.

The book contains over 60 pages of illustrations to accompany the text and is a sequel to the well-received Famous Welsh Tales. Children from the age of seven upwards would enjoy the stories.

The author, Meinir Wyn Edwards, has extensive experience teaching primary age children, but now works as a book editor. She has written and adapted a number of books for all ages and enjoys bringing Welsh folk stories to a new audience. Originally from north Pembrokeshire, she now lives in Llandre, Ceredigion.

The illustrator, Morgan Tomos, comes from Caernarfon originally but now lives in Talybont, Ceredigion. He was trained as an animator, and he is the author of several children’s books in Welsh and the English-language horror story for children, Mrs GwraK.

Welsh Folk Stories is published by Y Lolfa, priced £4.95 and is available in July 2011.

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