Aug 20, 2011

Jeannette Rizzi , Icehouse, Pasadena - See Jeannette at The West Coast Eisteddfod

 jeannette rizzi, comedian, appearing at the west coast eisteddfod , los angeles 2011
Jeannete Rizzi

This is the latest in an occasional series highlighting performers and contestants at the  September 2011 'West Coast Eisteddfod- Welsh Festival of Arts' at the Barnsdall Art Park , Los Angeles . In this post we are proud to feature standup comedian, Jeannette Rizzi. For more info about the event go here. To reserve your ticket for Saturday 24th click the button below :- 

( Approximately 150 tickets currently available. Buy early to avoid disappointment. )

Jeannette Rizzi live at The Icehouse, Pasadena 

( xxx content advisory - not suitable for work, minors etc )

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