Nov 3, 2008

The Left Coast Eisteddfod 2009

To support the development of the Left Coast Eisteddfod next year, I am donating a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Welsh lovespoon which Americymru will raffle off to help raise needed funds." - David Western.

Every dollar donated to the Eisteddfod fund will entitle the donor to one ticket in the promotional raffle which will be drawn at the event itself in August next year. Simply donate using the donate button on this page and you will recieve your numbers via email. Visit David's Left Coast Eisteddfod blog
here. Interview with David Western here.

What is the Left Coast Eisteddfod?

Americymru is planning to hold a major event in Portland in August 2009. The "Left Coast Eisteddfod" will be a celebration of all things Welsh and in particular of the American Welsh heritage which has so enriched the history of this nation. In order to promote and raise funds for this event, a charitable foundation - "The Meriwether Lewis Memorial Foundation" is in the process of being established. The foundation is asking for support from members and supporters of this site, and others, to achieve the following objectives:-

1. To raise funds for a talent competition modelled on the Welsh National Eisteddfod which will both provide a showcase for local talent in the various competition categories and introduce the American public to the concept of the "Eisteddfod" . It is hoped that this event will be the first of many and that future events will be held ( perhaps on an annual basis ) in other U.S. cities.

2. To raise funds for a vendors area which will provide a showcase for Welsh and Celtic businesses and craftspeople to promote their talents, goods and services, foster connections between Welsh and American businesses and craftspeople and hopefully create commercial partnerships.

3. To raise funds for a series of concerts which will feature Welsh and Welsh American performers of both traditional and contemporary music and introduce a wider audience to Welsh and Welsh-American arts and talents.Thus far a number of artists, including the following, have expressed an interest in performing at this event.

David Llewellyn
Here Be Dragons
Terry Mostyn
Nathan Penlington
Oceans Apart
Howl Griff
(New York)
(Ynys Mon)
(South Carolina)

The above is a partial list.

Why Support A Party in Portland?

Because it will be so much more than that. As can be seen from the above list it will be a true gathering of the tribes. It is hoped that it will be the first of a new breed of Welsh event in the USA . One which showcases contemporary Wales and the Welsh American heritage in equal measure. An event which attracts widespread popular support and participation and moves Welsh heritage into the mainstream of American culture.

We are seeking contributions of all sizes. If every member of this site could contribute $10 dollars we would be well on our way to establishing a new American Welsh tradition. We are also seeking commercial sponsors and grants.

All donations welcome. Please help if you can. ( for all enquiries please email )

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