Jun 1, 2011

AmeriCymru Top Blogger May 2011 - We have A Winner......

Well I guess most people know the rules by now so without further ado here are this months winners:-

1. Gillian Morgan   88 points ( 68 ranking points plus 10 for quality and 10 for 'traffic', Gillian has blogged consistently on the site this month and our log files indicate that her posts have been well received.  View Gillians blog on AC here )

2. SwanseaJack  59 points ( 49 ranking points plus 10 for quantity. Swansea Jack continues to be the most prolific blogger overall on AC. Twice winner of the coveted 'Gold Sheep of Excellence' we confidently predict that Swansea will be the sites first three time winner. View SwanseaJacks blog on AC here )

3. Zoe Brigley Thompson  22 points ( 22 ranking points. View Zoe's blog on AC here )

Fabulous digital prizes will be awarded to our three winners today and Gillian will receive a copy of Aled Lewis Evans, 'Driftwood'. For details of our June 'Top Blogger' prize see below. To view the current weekly leaderboard and peruse the rules of the competition go to this page

If you would like to congratulate our winners please feel free to do so in comments on this page

This Months Prize

Win a signed copy of 'The Dead of Mametz' by Jonathan Hicks 

The Dead of Mametz is a crime novel with an unusual setting, set as it is against the backdrop of the famous battle of Mametz Wood during the Great War in the summer of 1916. Several events also take place in Barry and Swansea. The central character, Thomas Oscendale, is a captain in the Military Police who is charged with investigating the murder of two soldiers of the Welsh Regiment and, subsequently, that of a local Frenchwoman.


It is early July 1916, the third year of the First World War. The soldiers of the Welsh Division are poised to begin their assault on the German-held Mametz Wood.But there is a murderer in their ranks.

Captain Thomas Oscendale of the Military Police is in a race against time to apprehend the murderer and to find what lies buried in Mametz Wood. He is not alone. Sinister forces on both sides have taken an interest in his investigation and are closing in.

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